Saturday, June 19, 2010

Opinions and help

Also I love to hear people's opinions no matter what they are. Negative or positive. Why ? Well I really like to see things from different perspectives. So feel free to post your comments and opinions. I also like helping people out with their life problems. So if you need help feel free to ask.

My first blog post

This will be my first blog post. One of the clear reasons I am making this blog is to post the lessons I learn from life. I will use this to see how I mature and to remember some of the lessons I have forgotten. I just do not know if I will commit to this. This might be the only blog post I will put up. Naa. My summer vacation just started and I will have plenty of time to post. Well I'll end this post by saying :The World Cup is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!